Artist's Statement

I relish cultural activities at home and abroad, and find that travelling enriches both my life and my art. The vibrancy of colour and texture in locations such as Peru and Mexico infuses my own colour palette, particularly within my abstract paintings.

Throughout most of my career, I have painted in a realist or 'natural' style, depicting scenic landscapes, people and imagery characteristic of the beautiful places I have visited and lived.

I delight in participating in cultural events at home and abroad, and both my life and my art have been enriched through my travels across many diverse landscapes. The vibrancy of colour and texture in places like Peru and Mexico, for instance, infused my personal colour palette with the warmth and passion of their distinctive terrains. And my creative psyche responded with bold and vivid abstract paintings.

My recent move from the Maritimes to British Columbia has ignited yet another dimension of my artistic output in response to the majestic grandeur of the mountains, valleys and waterways.

And in return for the gifts the world bestows on me, I donate a percentage of my sales to the local food bank.


Ann Marie Clow has been a professional artist for over 30 years. Growing up in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia inspired her to capture the history and beauty of the area. Other family members were avid artists and supported her desire to pursue a career in art.

For several years Clow operated an indoor/outdoor gallery in Yarmouth and sold work to customers from the USA, Israel, Sweden, Germany, Russia, and Asia, to name a few. She also promoted herself in juried art exhibitions and festivals throughout the province.

In 2005 Clow was honoured by having her artwork exhibited at Government House in Halifax, NS, at the request of Myra A. Freeman (former Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia), where the artist was also awarded a certificate for her contribution to the visual arts community.

Clows painting "The Storm" was selected in a juried art competition (2008), organized by the Visual Arts of Nova Scotia. For four months her painting was displayed in a glass box called "Art in a Box" at the Via Rail station located in Halifax.

Clows painting "Crystalscape "'has been selected to be featured in "New Art International" 2009-2010, a prestigious NY art book that has circulation throughout USA and Canada.

In 2012 Clow had a exhibit for two months at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives.   It featured the artistic talents of her family members dating from the 1920's to the present entitled "Family Genes: A Historical Portrayal of the Clow Family Artists".   CBC Information Morning Radio interviewed her and discussed the history of those paintings.

Clow has also exhibited her art work at the Yarmouth Art Regional Centre as well as the Church Street Gallery in Sligo, Ireland. Coal Wynd Gallery, in Halifax N.S. and The Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth N.S.

She has been commissioned to do murals in private homes, backdrops for theatre productions and murals for corporate clients. French Acadien groups have also commissioned the artist to do historical paintings

Clows art work is owned by people such as author Deepak Chopra and Richard Chamberlain (of the Thorn Birds)

Besides painting, Clow is passionate about teaching. She’s taught art classes at the Yarmouth Jr. High School and delivers art courses for adults on a regular basis.

Ann is committed to lifelong learning and most recently attended "The Faux Finishing School" in Louisville Kentucky.

Volunteering for various non profit groups and donation of her art is a very important part of Clows life.

Photography is wonderful creative outlet in which Clow captures “moments in time” as a professional photographer for weddings, different local events, non profit organizations, and for various theater performances at the Yarc (Yarmouth Regional Art Center). Her photographs have been published in 2003 Heritage House of Nova Scotia, local newspapers and has won numerous photo contests. Clow is the photographer for Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Tourism Magazine 2010 edition and contributed to the Canadian Wildlife Federation 2014 Calendar.


Please explore the many moods of her paintings.