Molly Jamson.

New York NY

April 12 09

I was your work on line when I googled looking for art. Wow. I think I hit the jack pot. I will be contacting you in person, when I visit  Canada this summer. Wow


Kim Darby

Vancouver BC

March 3 09

I found your art work on line and will be contacting you about your artwork and purchase

Till then Kim



Jenny J Bour

Maine USA

March 1 09

Hi Ann Marie.

I have 3 paintings of yours and have enjoyed each on of them for years. I know that you will be famous one day. jen



Mary Kristian

Swan lake Alberta

Jan  3/2009


Itís a great pleasure to have recently bought one of your painting called the Journey. It has inspired me every day to go through another day with light in my heart and feelings of peace fill my soul. What a wonderful gift you have to help others.

Peace and thank you Kristian



Bill Northam

Belfast N.S.

Dec 20 2008

Hi Ann, Your work is in my home now, I finally did hang it and took awhile. But I get great comments on it and I am wondering why your not more famous. Bill


Oct 29 08

Ann Deese

Orlando Fl


My brother has your beautiful painting of the Yarmouth Harbour and my sister has your Sandford drawbridge, and my mom has your Hummingbird and so your work is everywhere in our family. My birthday is next week and I have asked for one of your paintings for my own home. You will be hearing from us soon.



June 20 08

Great work. Jamie  Brooks

from Bar Harbor ME



Mike Tunis

The Bizard Quebec

March 2 2008

Greatly enjoyed meeting you while in nova scotia. You have much patience and talent to have produced so much beautiful art. I love your choice of vivid colors in many of them. I will have one in my home.





Annapolis Valley

Feb 11 08

When to the boat show to escape the winter blues. Leaned about sailboats and met two interesting people. Hubert Marcoux who has me dreaming of making the great escape with his book around the world in 18 years and Ann Marie Clow an attractive local artist who impressed me with her artistic talent and kind smile. I can contently wait for the spring now


Joao Doiron

Halifax N.S.

Feb 2008

I am so pleased I had the opportunity to meet you and share our work, you paintings are truly beautiful.

Jono Doiron



Audra Hebron N.S.

Jan 2008

I am pleased to have known you all these years and watching you grow spiritually and artisiticly. Your work is amazing and will continue to grow in spirit as you do.

Peace and hugs.


Kelly Brewer


Thursday Jan 10 2008

Great art work, my sister has one of your paintings and I liked it so much that she bought one for me, last yoear in the fall, Your such a good artist, I am impressed to have one of your paintings.



Leona Trask

gtrask@ns.sympatico .ca

Sandy Cove N.S.

Oct 11 08

Ann your paintings are beautiful. Nice to have met you. and keep on painting.


Dan Myles


Wolfville N.S

. Sept 07

In checking out your website. I was very impressed with your style of painting. I do look forward to seeing some of your work in person.

Please advise the next time you have a showing. I will attend.

Thatís all



Andrew Australian

July 07

I enjoy the art very much. It reminds me a little of the work of Grandma Moses. But with finer details.



Brenda Tate

Nova Scotia

Wed. May 9 2007

This is a wonderful site and beautiful paintings for the world to share. Brenda



Corner Brook NL

Friday March 30 2007

I am happy that I have one of your paintings, I will cherish it and share your web site with everyone.



Jerrery Smith

Saint John New Brunswick

Friday March 9 2007

Hellow Ann Marie

Your passion for art, your biography, your world travels and your beauty, You are a giftied wishes.



Tom Dares

Halifax N.S.

Your art is amazing. It really invokes spiritual feelings when I viewed them..thank you for that


Denis Comeau


Monday. Feb. 5 2007 I am  taken by your art. Each one seems to invoke a feeling . To be able to do such a thing shows a great talent. I feel truly blessed to see your art.



Tony Harding

Halifax N.S.

Thursday 1 Feb. 2007

I am impressed with your paintings. Lucky Yarmouth



Michael Langille

MacDougall Settlement, N.B.

Wednesday Jan 17 2007

It was a great pleasure meeting you and buying  your art. Hope some day our path will cross again.


Timothy Paul Kinney

Lake Villa Il


Wednesday Jan 17 2007

Great artist you are, and I am looking forward to seeing more beautiful paintings in the future.




Kentville nova scotia

Saturday Jan 13 2007

I am ever so humbled. Wow. To have met you has been an honor and enjoy your art so much.


Michael Eisnor

Indian Point N.S.

 Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Great art and I love all your works and I am so glad I found your site. Happy New year




Mike Jackson

North Rock BC

Tues. December 2006

Great site and art work, I will be buying some of your art work shortly Happy new year.




Rev Christopher

Washington USA

WED. Dec.20, 2006

Hellow Ann Marie

What wonderful painting you have and you are blessed with such a talent. Namaste



Yarmouth N.S.

Wed 29 November 6 2006

Great site..But what else can be expected of such a great lady.


November 12 2006

Yarmouth N.S.

Totally Awesome site? I love your paintings Ann Marie. I love the Irish ones from when you were over there. Ireland is a great inspiration  for paintings. I also wanted to let you know what a wonderful person you are and how lucky I am to have a friend like you, Keep on loving and laughing. Itís what I love about you

Your very good friend Charmaine


October 15th 2006
09:40:53 PM


A Natural Healing, Organic, Hand-Made Body Care Product Line

Lovely work Ann!



October 15th 2006
08:43:16 PM

Karen Thimot

Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Great website Ann. Love'n the new works as well.

October 15th 2006
05:14:32 AM

Mandy Hillenbach

Hamburg Germany

I metAnn Marie in Nova Scotia. She was my first canadian friend and still is my best friend. Ann Marie is very nice, lovelable and realy funny. I spend a lot of time with her, and I miss her here in Alberta.


October 14th 2006
06:17:49 PM

Allan Amero

Shuttle service from Yarmouth to Halifax

Digby, Nova Scotia

I have 2 of Ann Marie's prints ,she's an amazing artist with exceptional talent. Loved your newest painting from Ireland,please keep up the good work.


October 14th 2006
04:49:07 PM

What is your name?  

Mr Ken McPhee

East 52rd Street New York, NY 10022

Someone sent me a small postcard of your painting and I will be intouch to by some bigger ones for gifts
great job


October 14th 2006
02:08:13 PM


Yarmouth, NS

Great site. I love your paintings...esp. the one from Sedona, AZ. Didn't know you had been there; so have I! The ones og Ireland are great too...beautiful country!


October 14th 2006
01:12:49 PM

Sam Flynn


Do you have any comments?  

It's a nice site. . it looks professional.


October 14th 2006
11:14:47 AM

Kim Connell

From the Chruch Street Gallery in Ireland


My husban and I looked at the artwork in the Gallery and its magical and you truly captured the Real Ireland.


October 14th 2006
10:56:13 AM


Really like the 2 paintings of Ireland


September 25th 2006
03:35:45 AM


Sligo Ireland

Love your paintings and you can tell you enjoy your work and put in your all. I shall tell everyone about you work and them to visit your website, its fab, lovely to have met you.Good luck with your travels and hope you enjoyed your stay in Ireland


September 24th 2006
06:42:04 AM



great paintings..very talented


September 4th 2006
02:09:57 PM

Carolyn Clow Jacinto

San Clemente, CA, USA

looking for relatives, my maiden name is CLOW,


July 24th 2006
10:06:57 AM

Tina Mamone

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

What a great website you have!
Your paintings are absolutley wonderful!
Keep up the good work!!


June 27th 2006
12:27:54 AM

Jan Wood

Prestbury, UK

Hi there, love the pictures can't wait to see some of the real thing. Looking forward to meeting you when you come over



June 16th 2006
03:48:25 AM

Bonnie Thompson

Crestone, Co USA

I love your artwork and God has given you a beautiful gift. I will look forward to seeing more art work on your site.


March 17th 2006
10:08:29 AM


Stockport UK

Enjoyed viewing your site & the pictures.



February 24th 2006
06:14:16 AM


Stockport UK

Hi Ann just showing my friend what a beautiful girl you are..and the beautiful paintings.


February 22nd 2006
05:37:44 PM

Val (Todd) Hughes

Woodstock, Ontario Canada

great site


February 16th 2006
02:44:31 PM


Stockport UK

What a beautiful site... what a beautiful person



October 6th 2005
06:26:00 AM




June 12th 2005
07:54:40 PM

Linda C.

Cape St. mary's N.S.

Hey girlfriend!! You didn't mention your web site..AWESOME!!!!!!! WAT TO GO GIRL!!I hope you remember me?


May 29th 2005
08:39:13 AM

Denny Dentremont

I am from quinan county, [ the greater springhaven area ]

I kayak rivers and lakes a lot and sometimes ocean. I always carry my camera . memories of my trips . want to see my nature photos? ann you have a lovely website/.....!


May 27th 2005
07:34:12 AM



I like your web site



May 27th 2005
07:31:56 AM

daphne rhyno

canada nova scoita

yes i love your artwork i like your drawing i can draw exelent people will not exelent good thats what i think. what street do you live on maybe i can visit you some day and show you my drawings.



May 6th 2005
08:35:37 PM

Charmaine Blake-Cunningham


Let's see, where do I start??? I've known Ann Marie for a long time (love ya Ann)and her Art work keeps getting more miraculous and phenomenal. When the lord gives a gift, he delivers. Her paintings are so enriched with abundant color and realistic nature. This wonderful woman envisions exactly what she looks upon in her dreams and real life. My husband and I have received two beautiful paintings by Ann Marie. One that dates back 1986, with a fishing boat with the name,"Karen Sweeney" on the side of boat. That's my husbands favorite, :o). It was the most vivid and picturesque painting we both ever saw by her. The second one received was MY favorite. It's a Wigwam centered in the painting, with a native woman outside, holding a hand drum and in the clouds the spiritual animals were of a Wolf, Owl and a Cheif. AMAZING Images. Please eveyone...understand how beauitful this woman is inside and out. God Bless you Ann Marie, and may you be inspired by more of God's nature and beautiful world. Yes there is a beautiful world out there and Ann Marie proves that.....through her Artwork!!!!


April 26th 2005
01:06:33 PM

Gilda Surette

Malden/Yarmouth/Malden, MA

I loved the work you did for The Wizard of Oz!
I have one of your paintings on my desk, which everyone here at the Radisson Hotel in Boston comments on! "Where is that?" "Who painted it?" "What a beautiful painting!", etc. I am so proud to know you. I'll always cherish our friendship, and I miss you terribly!



March 22nd 2005
12:55:57 PM

Mary Evans

From Pennsylvania, US; live in California

Have much enjoyed seeing the paintings. Struck most by the gentle qualities, both of color and execution, as well as subjects. It's like looking at kindness.



March 21st 2005
08:33:50 AM

Liza Dawn Szabo

Venus... Just Kidding... Yarmouth, N.S.

Compliments not comments is what I have to offer. I'm just going to briefly compliment Ann on some of her extraordinary work. The Cape Forchu Lighthouse painting is so real it captivated my attention. The Highlands of Cape Breton painting featuring the Scottish guy with the bagpipes is brilliant. The drawing of the water is so realistic. The reflection of the three wooden churches of Mahone Bay painting in the water is unreal. The Nova Nada painting deep in the woods of Southwestern, N.S. captured my attention especially the trees. The Groundhog Day Storm painting featuring the Scallop Dragger blew me away. The water and the waves look so **** real. The Old Mill at Cape Sable River, N.S. painting is well done, especially the trees and the river. The Island Sunset on Yarmouth Harbour painting with the reflection of the trees in the water is excellent. I really loved a couple of Ann's Spiritual paintings. The vision of the Buddha was both enchanting and extraordinary. The life's journey painting featuring the woman holding a candle and the road that leads to infinity is such a good example of symbolism pertaining to every human being's journey through this thing we call life. Ann you are both beautiful and so gifted that this combination can only spell success for you.

Your friend always,
Liza D. Szabo



January 4th 2005
04:45:08 AM

Mike Weirich

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ann, you are a very talented artist and a wonderful person. Enjoyed our visit and talk in the park.


December 28th 2004
04:09:54 PM

Don DuFour

Portland, Maine

Purchased Untamed Forces when you were last in Yarmouth Summer 2003? 2004? (I go often). Very Nice work. Hope to see you again when next I'm in Nova Scotia. Am giving much thought to the Mahone Bay work...keep up the great work!


December 24th 2004
07:58:53 AM

Jim and Jennifer Crisp

Pasadena, Maryland, USA

Hello Ann,
Jennifer and I met you in Yarmouth one summer several years ago as you were setting up your paintings for the day. We had visited Nova Scotia for two days and were heading back to the USA on the "Cat" ferry, when we saw you and your artwork. You are an incredible artist and we purchased your original oil painting of Newfoundland (very similar to the one you have posted on your website) as well as a print featuring the beautiful lupines.
To this day, my wife and I absolutely love your Newfoundland painting and it is displayed in our family room. When you look at it, it is like looking out a window and actually seeing the scene. (I remember it was the last painting you pulled out that day for us to see and we had to have it. You had said it was one of your favorite paintings and that you were not even sure you wanted to sell it.) So thank you for letting us purchase it from you.
Also if I remember correctly, I believe you indicated that your father framed your art, and the framing on our painting beautifully compliments the piece.
I am not sure why it has taken us this long to think about looking for you online, but we were pleasantly surprised to find your website and have enjoyed viewing your art online.
We are always interested in your original works of art, so let us know what is available.
Thanks again for sharing your talent. Your artwork and you have made a lasting impression on us.

August 15th 2004
08:35:14 PM

Warren Bleakney

New Jersey USA.

Your paintings of Nova Scotia scenery are truly outstanding. I am especially impressed with the Yarmouth scenes as I lived there (Brunswick Street) for a few years as a young teenager. It would be great if you could produce a painting of the original Canadian National Ferry Bluenose which operated between Yarmouth and Maine from approximately 1955 to 1984. This ship was much beloved by Canadians and Americans and also responsible for opening up Yarmouth to the amount of tourists it receives today.
Best regards Warren U.S.Coast Guard



August 13th 2004
08:25:56 PM

Marilyn Claremont


I love your spiritual paintings,but you know that.
Just thought i'd come & take a look around.


May 26th 2004
12:34:35 PM

four bears


i like the spiritural pictures..come down you a visit anytime .i will make sure no moose ticks attack me.i now have mint tea



February 20th 2004
09:20:54 PM



Always loved your work of the Yarmouth Area.... loving the new stuff too. (I used to work at the shop where she used to buy your paints way back in 86-88....) Eve



January 6th 2004
12:44:20 PM

Holly Morton


You have a great website and are a wonderfull artist. I"m still amazed at the detail in your work, and i alwasy look forward to seeing new paintings posted here for everyone to see. I was just wondering if you have any sugestions for others who want to improve their painting skills?


October 12th 2003
01:26:32 PM

Darren Hatt

Gold River, Lunenburg Co.

Hello again. Yes it is me... the man who thought you were younger. (still think you are pulling my leg on that) I just want to say hello and tell you that you have a wonderful web site.
You take care, and write me if you have the time.

Darren, The bearded one.



September 5th 2003
03:53:43 PM

Friend in Spirit

Hi Ann Marie�your paintings are a true joy to observe and to contemplate upon! They are not only a fine example of your creative genius, but also, an authentic example of your inner spiritual beauty. You must have been gently touched by the Hand of the Great Spirit with ever stroke of your brush. A great depth of compassion, beauty, and love shines brightly throughout your artwork. I thank you for sharing God�s gift to you with me and the rest of planet Earth may the peace, love and light of Creation be always with you, and may these divine gifts always glow radiantly throughout your tender Soul


September 3rd 2003
06:52:36 PM

Krista Flynn


Thanks again for the print....hope you had a great time down here!!!



June 2nd 2003
05:55:08 AM

Harold Grandy

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Great site! well laid out, and fine examples of your art work!

Harold Grandy


April 26th 2003
11:26:17 PM

Steven Riggi

Tucson, Arizona

Ann Marie is not only beautiful in spirit but her pictures are just as beautiful.



March 11th 2003
05:38:39 PM

Ron Hall

Mahone Bay from Toronto July 2003



February 26th 2003
06:07:32 PM

Julie Hamerlinck

Laramie, Wyoming

Your paintings are beautiful! My great-grandma was Alice Clow Peterson and she was a painter as well. I have two of her paintings as well as a photograph of her painting a picture. Her father was John Sherwin Clow from Shubenackedy, Nova Scotia - or there about. I would really enjoy hearing from you!


February 12th 2003
04:45:16 PM

Mike Clow

Washington, D.C.


February 3rd 2003
08:22:38 PM

Tom Rogers

Born in Yarmouth, NS living in Dartmouth,NS

What no pictures of our trip to London together.
Very very nice work, may I use some for backgrounds on my computer?


January 15th 2003
03:33:46 PM

Angela Gurney

Gabriola Island, BC

I really enjoy your paintings, those that I've seen-- just popped in for a visit to see more. Thank you and best wishes, A.



December 7th 2002
11:15:51 AM

Raymond Francis FLYNN

Yarmouth, N.S.

Beautiful art work- took me four months to look.
Hi Ann Marie- Ray from Ottawa on route to Kosovo.



December 2nd 2002
05:53:19 PM

Krista Flynn

Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

It's a really nice page. Keep on painting pictures of Newfoundland! Hope to see you down here sometime!Keep in touch


November 28th 2002
05:43:40 AM

Jan Harris


November 16th 2002
01:23:33 PM


Ottawa area

My mother, who lives in Yarmouth, has one of your prints ... was glad you had vacated your usual spot by the old theatre, when I heard it had collapsed ... your work remains super, as always ... Malcolm


September 22nd 2002
11:31:08 AM

Larry Muise


 [Hi Ann, Great site, who set it up? We like the hat Ann. See you sometimes.Larry



July 12th 2002
05:17:56 PM

Dave Babin


I've known Ann Marie for a couple years and she is an awesome, energetic, kind person. I love all her paintings, they are amazing, Thank you Ann Marie



May 25th 2002
06:02:06 PM


Yarmouth, nova Scotia

I have always enjoyed Ann Marie's paintings....she is a very spiritual person and a heart of gold. She's full of energy and it shows in her paintings. I very much like this web site Ann Marie, keep up the inspirations from your soul. God Blessed me when you came into my life.
Love and Laughter, Char!



May 7th 2002
03:36:04 PM


Nova Scotia

Ann as i said in the email, you are great =)
I usually have a hard time finding out whats so great about life, but your paintings and your words show me that with searching you can find anything...
Take Care and godbless...


February 20th 2002
05:01:11 AM


Halifax, N.S

You are an awesome painter, and your art is incredible and beautiful!


February 13th 2002
06:55:42 AM

Crystal J

Ontario, Canada

I really enjoy your paintings. They are very real and easy to look at. You are an beautiful painter.



December 14th 2001
10:26:54 PM



Love your work especially the spiritual paintings.



December 12th 2001
07:54:03 PM


Yarmouth,N.S., living in Korea the past 4 years

I happened upon your site while closing a browser in Yahoo!, your paintings are beautiful...nice to see a reminder of home!



December 12th 2001
12:23:18 AM



Excellent art site, really enjoyed the tour!



December 11th 2001
04:26:53 AM

Margaret Jeddry

Nahant, Ma & Meteghan, NS

Have looked at your work many times passing through Yarmouth. Lovely work, and I admire your tenacity.


October 9th 2001
07:28:20 PM

Lorraine Pagey

New Zealand

A friend visiting from Canada asked me to frame one of your paintings for her partner.I was very impressed with your work.


September 22nd 2001
10:19:31 AM

Wienecke, Tatjana

Feuchtwangen, Bavaria - Germany

We met you in Yarmouth and bought a picture from you ("Old Yarmouth lighthouse"), during our vacation tour through Nova Scotia. This picture is very beautiful.
Greetings from Germany



August 19th 2001
11:53:47 AM

con brigley

halifax n .s.

I love your work and thank you for this site