February 25, 2000
My name is Gary Surette. I am the brother of Paul Surette and also live in Yarmouth. Ann-Marie has asked me to write a letter of reference because my brother frequently travels and is often difficult to contact. I was Ann Marie Clow's contact person if she had any problems while she was sitting my brothers home, for a period of about three years.


Paul spent three quarters of his time out of the Canada working as a traveling nurse. Ann Marie's requirements while house sitting were to maintain the yard/gardening and house. It was a 4000 square foot, three story dwelling, on four acres of land, heated by forced hot air and by wood.


She was responsible for the payment of some house hold bills.  Ann Marie took very good care of the house. Paul would return to Yarmouth for short periods; during his returns she volunteered to find alternative accommodation, so he could enjoy his own space.


My brother always returned to a clean, well maintained house and grounds.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call me, I highly recommend her as an honest and very reliable house sitter.

Gary Surette
RR# 4 Box 4490
36 New Rd. Yarmouth. NS.
B5A 4A8
(902) 742-8111


January 2006

Ann Clow tended my home with second-floor tenants for a one-week period in January 2006. She collected rent and served as a property manager during my absence.

I was satisfied with her duties during her stay and
would not hesitate to have her house-sit for me again.

Carla Allen

February 2006

Ann Marie took care of our house in the country for two weeks in February. Her care included keeping our three cats fed, loved and happy. We were able to keep in touch with her by e-mail so received regular news of events.

While were were away there was a problem with the hot water system. Ann Marie managed the repair and replacement of parts very well. There were also several power failures after which she revived the computer and reset the clocks. The house was sparkling clean when we arrived home.

We are looking forward to having her stay in our home when we have extended trips in the future. She does a great job.

Dan Earle and Sue Hutchins



June 2007

We answered Annís advertisement in the local paper and after checking out her references, and exchanging many emails between us, we engaged her to house sit.  That was the best decision we made.  She stayed in our home for three weeks, looking after our two spoiled dogs with great care.  Our main concern was for the care of these two members of our family and, it was of great benefit to us having her stay in the house for the three weeks we were away as we did not have to end up kennelling them.  That would have been a new experience for them and since they are senior dogs probably very traumatic for them as well. 

We are so appreciative of Ann for the kindness and care that she gave to our home and animals.  A job well done!  We would recommend Ann to all who are searching for that special someone to watch over their home while they are away.  She is very professional and considerate.  Two qualities that make it a pleasure to know her and a treat to have her in our home. 

We are comfortable knowing that when asked, she is available to return and house sit for us again in the future and that we can recommend her to friends and family as reliable, trustworthy, and very capable of dealing with any unexpected events.  Ann is also very personable, and generous with her time and talents.


Joan & Gary Gunnell

Lake Echo, NS


March 2008

Just so you know...
Ann has looked after our oasis by the ocean for the last several months, recurrently. And not just the property. The sole inhabitant, Micki, our Irish-Albertan-Canadian-Jack Russell, has enjoyed being utterly spoiled! She (Micki!) now wakes me up in the morning, expecting me to continue Ann's massages, and as far as I can deduce, pedicures--and MANICURES!--still trying to figure the hands vs. paws!!
Micki has booked her for the rest of the year--we do not argue, and would wholeheartedly recommend Ann to anyone contemplating leaving a home/pet for any period of time--and--get her to paint--she is a gem of an Artist--please check her website!! annclowonline.com
Dr John and Charlene O'Connor

Barrington Nova Scotia